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10 Tips For Dancing Better

1.Keep Taking Dance Classes Regularly.

Discover 10 tips to dance better and have more flexibility.

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Keep taking dance classes every week, although you have already reached a reasonable level. The best dancers always keep learning from suitable teachers.

Take dance lessons to learn new or more advanced techniques of your dance style. Or take classes in other types of dance that help you improve your dance technique.

Sometimes it is also convenient to retake basic level classes to refresh the memory. In these classes, you can discover things that had gone unnoticed before, and that now can help you dance better because you are already at a more advanced level.

2.Follow the advice of your dance teachers.

Take advantage of the guidance, wisdom, and knowledge of your dance masters. Listen carefully to their advice, trust what they tell you about your technique and follow their suggestions.

Do not get defensive if your dance masters criticize you or point out faults. On the contrary, pay attention and ask how you can improve those weaknesses.

If due to some reason you feel that you can not trust your dance teachers, then maybe you should hire other dance teachers who inspire confidence.

3.Practice your dance technique outside of your classes.

Do not focus only on practicing the choreography. Take time to practice exercises that improve your dance technique. Establish a rehearsal schedule that you can follow with discipline every week. Dedicate at least the first half hour of the rehearsal to practice the technique.

4.Take time to improve specific dance skills.

Do you find it challenging to make jumps? Do you have trouble making turns? Would you like to improve your sense of rhythm, your zapateo technique in flamenco or the groundwork in modern dance?

Identify the areas of your dance technique that need more attention and give your attention. Ask your dance teachers how you can improve those skills and follow their advice with discipline, both in dance classes and in your rehearsals.

Take time to practice those dance skills exclusively in your rehearsals. Dedicate it several months or as long as necessary. If you need extra help, take private classes or specialized courses that focus on improving those specific skills.

5.Do stretching exercises every day.

A daily discipline of stretching exercises will give you more flexibility. And the more flexible your body is, the more possibilities you will have to dance better.

Do not limit yourself to stretching exercises only when you are going to dance in your dance classes. Prepare a routine of 20 to 30 minutes that you can repeat every day, preferably in the morning.

Includes exercises that cover all muscle groups. It also includes specific exercises to acquire the flexibility required by your dance scene.

6.Observe outstanding dancers of different dance styles.

Enjoy videos and dance movies of different styles. Do not limit yourself to your dance style. Watch these videos and movies more than once.

The first time focuses simply on enjoying the dance. Then focus on learning from the dancers that appear in the video or movie. Observe how they maintain their posture and balance. Notice how they make transitions between different movements, rhythms, states, and energies.

If you discover something specific about your technique, try it the next time you’re practicing, or you’re in a class.

7.Learn techniques to improve your posture.

The position is an essential element in any dance. However, postural problems are widespread. Often these problems can not be solved in dance classes.

If you want to dance better and feel that your position is one of your weaknesses, spend additional time studying techniques that improve your posture. Some techniques, such as the Alexander Method, are designed precisely to heal postural problems. Other disciplines, such as Yoga or Pilates, are also excellent for improving posture.

Ideally, you should take a course on these techniques for at least three months. Then you can choose a series of exercises for the posture and add them to your warm-up routine.

8.Learn about anatomy.

An anatomy course for dancers is an excellent resource to improve technique in any dance. The more you know about the organic functioning of the body, the more knowledge you will have to improve your dance skills,

9.Respect your body at all times

It is impossible to improve the dance technique if you do not respect your dance instrument. Your body needs rest, enough hours of sleep, proper nutrition and relaxation.

Although practicing a lot is essential to dance better, do not fall into the trap of excess. You will not achieve anything if you take away hours of sleep and rest or if you eat poorly in the name of the dance.

10.Celebrate your achievements

It is essential that you recognize your achievements and progress; however small they may be. If you continuously focus on your weaknesses and do not celebrate your virtues in dance, then you run the risk of losing motivation. And that would be fatal to your growth.

Have the discipline to recognize for yourself or yourself what you learn or achieve in each dance and rehearsal class. Cel├ębrate and continue with your training!