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Integrity Testing

Types Of Integrity

Integrity testing is a type of personality test designed to check a person tendency of trustworthy and honest. Lack of honesty may cause theft, violence and disciplinary behavior in a work-space. Also, testing may be stringent measures the overall job performance because it has a strong predictor of the job done. Here are some types of honesty:
1. Internal integrityThis type of honesty is about being able to do the right things even when no one is there to look, and there is no credit for doing that work. Internal is doing the right thing even when it may be harder and also even though no one is checking. Doing the right thing when you are alone and no one is there supervising is a massive step towards ensuring that you are truthful at the deepest level.
2. External integrityEternal is what one portrays to other people around this is when you do something that will show that your actions are consistent with your thoughts and what you are saying. Your efforts should be able to portray direct what you are saying.

Integrity Testing

If you are words does not match with your action, then it means you need to improve your external honesty.
3. Image integrityImage is almost similar to external; this is the image of you in everything you say or do. In everything you do, you might show and displaying the right actions and those actions leave your image to interpret. Most people have imaginations when you say something they quick make assumptions and have beliefs about what will occur. It is essential to check your image and ensure none of your words or action will be misconstrued.
Integrity testing in the workplace is crucial because it creates open communication, ethical decision making and good behavior. Honesty is essential on a personal level, and also it is vitally important at a workplace.