10 Must-See Top Broadway Shows of 2022: Your Ultimate Guide


Broadway, the beating heart of the American theatre industry, symbolizes theatrical excellence and sets global standards for success in theatre. As we navigate through 2022, the stage is set to showcase an impressive array of performances. This ultimate guide throws light on the top Broadway shows of 2022, giving an in-depth view of each.

Broadway’s Dynamic Comeback

After a significant pause prompted by worldwide events, Broadway returns, bustling with more energy and vibrancy than before. This year, spectators can anticipate a plethora of performances spanning beloved classics to groundbreaking new productions.

Eternal Favorites

Phantom of the Opera

The spellbinding melodies and poignant love story of Phantom of the Opera consistently enchant viewers. One of Broadway’s longest-running shows, it continues to draw massive crowds with its riveting performances and intricate set designs.


A discussion about the top Broadway shows of 2022 would be incomplete without Chicago. Famed for its glitz and glamour, this tale of fame, fortune, and jazz never fails to impress. The 2022 rendition is expected to deliver the same high-spirited performance and iconic tunes that have made it a Broadway mainstay.

Lion King

Disney’s Lion King, another constant favorite, continues its reign over Broadway. Its awe-inspiring visuals, exquisite costumes, and unforgettable music leave audiences, young and old, utterly captivated.

Pioneering New Productions


Six, a pop-concert musical that recounts the lives of Henry VIII’s wives in a contemporary and empowering manner, has been praised for its infectious melodies and lively performances, promising a memorable experience for 2022 viewers.

Diana: A True Musical Story

The newly premiered Diana: A True Musical Story, a musical tribute to Princess Diana’s life and legacy, is expected to be one of 2022’s major sensations with its heartfelt storyline and commanding performances.

Revivals To Watch Out For


The much-anticipated revival of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company is generating significant buzz. This gender-reversed rendition of the classic tale introduces novel perspectives to the stage.

Funny Girl

Over half a century since its original production, Funny Girl is making a triumphant return to Broadway in 2022. This revival aims to recapture the charm and humor that made it so universally adored.

top Broadway shows of 2022

From eternal favorites to pioneering new productions and exciting revivals, 2022 is set to be a thrilling year for Broadway. Whether you’re a seasoned theatre enthusiast or a Broadway novice, there’s something for everyone. So, get ready to take your seats, relax, and immerse yourself in the unique magic that only Broadway can offer. For more information, check out our citi concert series exploration.

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